'Be Leader Of Numeric Technologies Area In Central Africa And Deserve As Referal For All Africa'

To establish itself as a reference in the creation of technology solutions supporting the integration of emerging players in the global competitive environment, Interface has established centers of expertise on engineering solutions for high growth markets. We were able to play the card of verticality by developing solutions for the sectors of manufacturing, finance, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, and government emerging economies.

In central Africa and in all our target markets, Interface has established itself as an inclusive company, contributing to the spread of ICT and working alongside various states and organizations to reverse the technological divide, ensure the transfer of expertise and accelerate the African ownership makers of modern management tools.

Our greatest achievement is probably our ability to provide a global offering (software editor, Consulting, outsourcing et Technologies Integrator),  which distinguishes us from our competitors and gives us at the same time some responsibility in our sector. Our ambitions and future projects are imbued with expertise, innovation and integrity. It is by doing so that we expect to achieve our vision.

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