Sesame Mail Manager

The Reference Of Mail Management Software.

sesame mail manager is the reference software regarding management of mail, follow-up of mail and processing of the mail. This software is intended to manage quite typical of entering and outgoing mail (Outgoing mail and Mail Arrival, Answers) and whatever is the size (paper, digital fax, scanned document, e-mail, and computer file of office automation).

sesame mail manager allows managing the answers and to spread them, guarantees you to find always your documents and mails, quickly and effectively, to insure the follow-up of the mail and the processing of the mail whatever shape he is.

Of a particularly easy handling, it is intended for all the organizations and companies in the obligation to manage flows of important mails where the simple manual processing is not any more enough. It addresses all the companies and the organizations which have the concern of their reactivity in their files processing: (ministries, City halls, Public administrations, companies and Organizations of all kinds).


  • Make sure that any mail obtains an answer for the optimized deadline.
  • In a few clicks, bring to the concerned addressees all the information about the mail and its answers.
  • Classify and manage all the information relative to the mail to have a researches base.
  • For every mail, bring the total traceability between its arrival in the company and the brought answer.
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