Sesame Data Manager

Reduce Risks Due To Lack Or Bad Archives Description.

The management of archives does not limit itself to their preservation. It also aims at setting up practices and tools allowing to reduce the risks bound to the absence or the bad description of archives, failure to respect the board of management, the bad reception of archives in the physical centers... Because before any, the interest of an archive system is to be able to reach archives and consult them.

Web solution designed so as to respect the standards and the archival practices regarding archiving of the paper documents, with sesame dated manager, organize and master the life cycle of your informative heritage and exploit your paper documents in the respect for the standards and the archival practices.

The process of payment of archives leans on a workflow associated in agreement with the archival principles. The payment of the paper archives is facilitated by the provision of a frame and a typology of archives adapted to the needs for your organization.
This typology of archives corresponds to the plan of classification and associated picture of management what allows, among others, to manage the administrative useful life (DUA), the communicability and the final fate associated with archives.

The validation cycle side archivist allows respecting at the same time the documentary aspects associated to archives and to payments while mastering the whole processing chain and various associated logistic stages.

In logistic term, sesame dated manager helps you to optimize your rules of archiving and allows you to put yourselves in accordance with the existing regulations.

Sesame dated honorable manager at the same time the logic job which allows the archivists to arrange and to manage the various states of archives while simplifying the process of payment and search for archives.


  • Accessible Web solution by browser
  • Description of the typologies of archives
  • Management of the board of management
  • Optimization of the stock management
  • Statistics
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