Sesame BI

Enlighten Your Data, Clarify Your Strategic Decisions.

Completed complement to my-e-sesame ERP whose version 1 was launched in 2012, sesame BI constitutes the unifying and inclusive application layer. Based on a strong accounting base (consolidation and budgetary planning), its field extends to all the big functions, the customer relationship management in the supply chain management via the human resources, bringing an interface of intelligent collaboration between the families of jobs by the company. Verticalized and fickle, sesame BI includes indicators libraries of ready for use allowing following a diversity of activities and sectors.

Indeed, sesame BI allows to collect information on sales, purchases, costs, RH, the production possibly to transform these data, to aggregate them and to show them in synthetic and predictive dashboards.


  • Improve sales: identify the frauds, reduce the costs, supply reports on the key processes with the aim of avoiding losses of income;
  • Feed the decision-making of the management: provision of models, graphs and dashboards based on the data analysis of the system. It puts the reporting and the analysis in employees' hands "non-technical" allowing the conception and the implementation of a real time reporting;
  • Improve the customer relationship: supply the keys of a behavioral analysis of the clientele thanks to a wide pallet of information on their consumer habits, their dissatisfied needs, and payments. This information is used to identify trends and segments, and inspire the development of new products and services.


sesame BI is built around an approach in two versions:
  • The said version " functional ISO ", the basic version of the product which contains a definition of KPI, reports and basis Dashboards;
  • A set of KPI and reports / optional dashboards to be grafted to the version " functional ISO ".Un ensemble de KPI et rapports/Dashboards en options à greffer à la version « ISO fonctionnelle »
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