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Interface is a multinational group created in 1994 with the purpose the application of information and communication technologies to jobs issues. The Group has gradually established itself as a software editor, consulting, technology Integrator and outsourcer, thus assuming fully an uncommon job approach, made in anticipation of functional constraints.

Now present in ten African and European countries (Cameroon, France, South Africa, Gabon, Congo, DRC, Chad, CAR, Benin...), we demonstrate daily our ability to support public organizations and private in the choice of technologies appropriate to their profession, and controlled alignment information systems to their organizational strategy.

In central Africa and in all our target markets, Interface has established itself as an inclusive company, contributing to the spread of ICT and working alongside various states and organizations in order to reverse the technological divide, ensure the transfer of expertise and accelerate the appropriation by the African decision-makers of the modern management tools.

With more than 10 billion CFA francs turnover per year, our organization is among the leaders in its field in Central Africa. Interface it's also more than 500 customers in over twenty countries, including 8 subsidiaries, 2 branches and 3 centers of expertise. HR side, the group proudly displays a workforce of over 350 employees with the nationality of diverse origin.


Software edition

Interface is an editor and integrator of my e-sesame, integrated management portal in real time, structured around 14 deployable ERP application modules or standalone mode, license or SaaS. my e-sesame meets the accounting and financial management needs, human resources and sales management of public enterprises and organizations, of all sizes and provides solutions to everyday concerns of African organizations.

As a company providing design, development and selling of software packages, we offer innovative software, robust and scalable, responding appropriately to user needs, and challenges of their daily business. We choose the best technologies to design our solutions that combine innovation, power, durability and efficiency.

For several years, Interface has invested more than 25% of its turnover in R&D for monitoring of technology in line with the company's developments. The proposed management solutions, truly adapted to the context of today and tomorrow, sign them as the indisputable editor of an African evolving market.


The Consulting business in the Interface Group aims to assist private companies and public institutions throughout their transformation process, particularly in helping them to design and implement innovative strategies to quality service, performance and value creation. We operate upstream of the reflection of our customers, to assist them in the steps of diagnosis and formalization of their strategies, but also in their operational implementation (organization, process, change management) and performance management ( definition and monitoring of KPI's).

Integration / Consolidation of IT infrastructures

Interface is an integrator / IT infrastructures consolidator. We offer comprehensive solutions, from the sale of Infrastructure / Datacenter, until the production implementation and the support. We propose a range of high value-added services:

  • Project management, consulting
  • Integration turnkey solution
  • Technical expertise
  • Security Audit and consulting editors
  • Sale of materials: Servers, Storage, Networking
  • Sale Software System, Security, collaborative, utility
  • Support of deployment, etc.


Interface offers its outsourcing services for over 20 years to companies and African organizations. We are recognized as an expert in the field of its equipment management, telecom and data. Our approach is to outsource all IT processes of companies and organizations to enable them to focus on their expertise, products and services. Interface manages the IT infrastructures of enterprises and organizations, which also allows them to reduce costs compared to an IT engineer they would have hired internally. In this perspective, we offer different services including:

  • The maintenance of computer equipment
  • The monitoring and securing all systems and networks
  • A technical support and assistance for different users (Help Desk)
  • An evolution of computer equipment so that it is always effective


In an ever-changing environment, we place loyalty strategy in a real business approach. In this context, we rely on a customer-oriented organization, which was able to install and sustain a culture that is illustrated through our listening skills, anticipation and responsiveness.

Such a strategic choice is translated by the implementation of an organization witness of our ambition to structure our activity from needs expressed by our prospects and customers, in particular:

  • The consideration of the expectations of the market by the Marketing and Communication Direction
  • The assistance to the formulation of needs by the Sales Direction,
  • The implementation of the projects by the Technical Direction,
  • The Maintaining in operational condition of the solutions and the systems by the Research and development Direction, and the International Development Direction,
  • The support of the Executive management, the Secretariat General and the International Development Direction to mobilize the resources and pilot the complex realizations.
  • Software Editor, consulting, outsourcer and integrator of technologies since 1994
  • Institutional Headquarters Douala-Cameroon
  • 8 subsidiaries: France, South Africa, Congo, DRC, Chad, Gabon, CAR, Benin
  • 2 agencies: Yaoundé (Cameroon), Pointe Noire (Congo)
  • 3 competence centers: France, South Africa, Cameroon
  • 500 customers in 20 countries
  • 350 employees and collaborators worldwide
  • 30% growth over the last three years
  • One of the 5 bigger IT integrators in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • One of the 5 bigger IT wholesalers “'third one” Sub-Saharan Africa
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