An Ecosystem Of Referal Partners In Their Respective Fields

To answer more and more complex projects and requirements of the more and more important customers, in particular major accounts, we built partnerships guarantors(guarantees) of technical, commercial and financial control(master's degree) of the solutions which we spread(display).

Our approach leans on:

  • Reference partners' ecosystem in their respective domains;
  • An International Development Direction in charge of the management of the Alliances and Partnerships within the Group Interface. This Direction has the mission to develop the ecosystem of the Group around four axes:
    • A close relation with consulting firms to allow them to know better the solutions of the group,
    • an ambitious program of rise in skills of our staff and our consultants for the integration of solutions and systems that we offer,
    • the development of partnerships win-win with specialized distributors / retailers,
    • The strengthening of the network of institutions of financing.

The location in France since 2006 of our center of expertise and skill dedicated participate naturally of this strategy to be as closely as possible to the big editors of technologies. Below a representative sample of technical and technological partners of the group Interface:

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