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In the quest of the performance and the control of the information, the African companies experimented with diverse fortunes of the software solutions thought for environments and cases of use out of step with their needs and their constraints of exploitation: prohibitive costs of implementation, very high maintenance costs, relative functional cover, limited possibilities of customization, etc.

In this perspective, Interface developed my e-sesame, a portal of integrated management in real time, articulated around 14 deployable application modules in mode ERP or Standalone, license or Saas.My e-sesame meets the needs of accounting and finance management, human resources and sales management of companies and public organizations of any sizes and brings solutions to the daily concerns of the African organizations:

As company ensuring the design, the development and the marketing of software packages, we propose innovative, strong and evolutionary software, answering with relevance the needs for the users and the stakes in their professional everyday lives. We choose the best technical to design our solutions which ally innovation, power, sustainability and efficiency.

For several years, Interface invests more than 25 % of its turnover in R*D to ensure a technology watch in sync with the evolutions of the company. The solutions of management proposed, really adapted to the context of today and of tomorrow, register it as indisputable editor of an African market in constant evolution.

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The job of Consulting within the group interfaces aim at accompanying private enterprises and public institutions throughout their transformation process, by helping them in particular to conceive and to implement innovative strategies in the service of the quality, of the performance and of the creation of the value.

We intervene upstream to the reflection of our customers, to assist them in the stages of diagnosis and formalization of their strategies, but also in their operational implementation (organization, process, change management) and the piloting of the performance (definition and followed by performance indicators).

A story of independence, continuity, growth, solidity, transmission:

For more than 20 years, we advise our customers in any independence:

  • According to the needs for our customers, a range of services joined with skills into consulting, technology and management of the operations
  • We become established with method in chosen and coherent territories: we are present in about ten countries and on 2 continents,
  • We offer worldwide, the same level of commitment, creativity, custom-made product and professionalism
  • We recruit and train more and more numerous people.
A dedicated organization which plays the complementarity with his partners:
  • A unique human resources: 300 collaborators (employees and permanent consultants) stemming from most high schools of management and from engineers;
  • Partnerships targeted and favored with the leaders in the sector of the digital technology: IBM, Capgemini Consulting, Cisco, Supinfo, Lexmark, Lenovo, Oracle, Microsoft, Perceptive software;
  • A global network of research centers to answer the stakes business of our customers: the CESI (center of expertise and skills of interface) located at St-Ouen-l'Aumône (France) and the RCDI (research center and development of interface) located to Sandton, Johannesburg (RSA).
  • A methodology IP2M (Interface Project management Methodology) which allows to pilot in a mastered way the implementation and the integration of solutions jobs edited by interface.
  • Collaborators mobilized around key values: expertise, innovation, integrity.
An expertise and a know-how based on the mobilization:
  • Mobilize our ability to listen: understand that every manager asks us and to deconstruct its real need;
  • Mobilize our creativity: adapt the methods, look for the good timing of the project, underline the stakes, choose in our teams the one who will be the most just for this customer and this construction site;
  • Mobilize men and women of the organization customer: the decision-makers as those who will make possible the implementation and will carry the success;
  • Finally, pass on: fade and allow the appropriation by producing the proofs through satisfactory results and hand over!
A unique expertise built with most private large companies and public institutions:

A presence in the diversified business sectors: banking and finances, insurance, industries, trade and distribution, energy and utilities, transport and logistics, telecoms, State, agencies and operators of the State, local authorities...

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Interface is an integrator / consolidator of computing infrastructures. We propose global solutions, since the sale of the Infrastructure / Datacenter, until the putting in production and the support:

  • Networks and Security
  • Storage SAN / NAS, and Back up
  • Virtualization
  • Plan of Resumption / Continuity of Activity ( PRA / PCA)


  • Project mode
  • Global coverage since the conception until the putting in production.
  • Proven methodology
  • Average Human beings
  • Experimented participants: project managers and Engineers Fully qualified
  • Approval of Consulting Editors
  • Support of the Editors and Builders
  • Trade with value Added
  • Sale Material and software certified
  • Follow-up of the Maintenances builders / editors


We propose a high value-added range of services:
  • Project management, Consulting
  • Integration of solution keys in hand
  • Technical expertise
  • Security audit and consulting editors
  • Sale of equipment’s: servers, Storage, Networks
  • Sale of Software: system, security, collaborative, utility
  • Support in the putting in production
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The outsourcing is the delegation to an external service provider of the management, the exploitation, the optimization and the securisation of the information system of a company. In other words, you attribute the management of your computers, your data and your software has a specialist.

This kind of service can be remotely managed via the company to which you call on, or by the regular movement of one of his technicians. The outsourcing is thus going to take care different get fresh ideas of the company: its computer hardware, the software and the software packages, all the systems of telecommunications and the computer network.

Interface proposes the outsourcing of infrastructures which allows the management of your computer equipment. In this perspective, we propose various services, in particular:
  • The maintenance of your computer equipment
  • The supervision and the securisation of all your systems and networks
  • A technical support and an assistance for the various users ( Help Desk)
  • An evolution of your computer equipment, so that this one is always successful

As a general rule, our services of outsourcing require the implementation of a contract between your company and the external service provider whom we are. The contract in question is going to mention the exact nature of the service, the duration of this one, its cost, or still the various obligations of each party.

Very often, our contracts evolve in time. Indeed, and considering the fact that any company is brought to develop, our services of outsourcing are going to adapt themselves thus constantly to your needs and to the size of your company.

Our approach aims at outsourcing all the computing steps of your company. You so go to be able to concentrate the efforts of your company on its know-how, on its products and its services. Interface will manage your computer equipment on your place, what will allow you to reduce your costs with compared with an IT specialist whom you would have hired in house.

Interface proposes its outsourcing services for more than 20 years to companies and African bodies. By trusting Interface you make sure to call on to a reliable provider. We are indeed recognized as an expert in the field of the management of computer equipment, telecoms and your data.

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