Put At Banks' Disposal A Workshop For Saving Booklets And Checkbooks Manufacturing

Interface put a lot in the field of the banking electronic publishing through various applications:


The solution which we market integrates the equipment and the software package of manufacturing of checkbooks multi-agencies, multi-banks and multicurrency, the configuration of the various sizes of checkbooks and the interfacing with the banking application.

For our customers, the implementation of a workshop checkbook answers a triple objective: control in house the manufacturing of checkbooks, reduce the costs and deadlines of provision of checkbooks to the clientele, and improve the image of the company.


This solution integrates the equipment and the software of edition of savings passbooks, the integration of the size of the notebook and the interfacing with the banking application.

The edition on savings passbooks of the operations made by the customers in their savings account has for objectives: to end disputes been born of the errors of reporting of the operations on notebooks by the counter clerks, to allow the customer account holder of savings to know his position after every operation or after several more or less periodic operations, and finally to update savings passbooks independently of the agency where were made the operations.

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