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Software Editor, Consultant, Outsourcer and technologies integrator


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More than 30% growth per year, an expanding group, 12 billion FCFA turnover in 2014

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Editor and integrator of my e-sesame ERP compliance

Interface is editor and integrator of the compliance product solution my e-sesame. For managing efficiently your softwares' integration projects, we lay on IP2M (Interface Project Management Methodology), our own project leading method which is inspired from Agile methods.IP2M is built around 4 stages:

The Process We Follow


The scoping stage and project launching set the floor and start with the first meeting between the customer and Interface; It stands on one or more days depending on the project size and complexity and aims through meetings and seminar work sessions to define the expectations and rate the client resources ...


The design stage aims to deepen the customer needs analysis. While the DAO and RDTs are a good bases for understanding the customer's needs. However, whatever the level of detail of these documents, they will never provide the same level of understanding that is obtained at the end of the interviews conduced with both of the customer's Top Management or the staff concerned by the project ...


After this stage, the target solution will be designed, developed and deployed. Five major objectives are assigned to this stage:

Make a detailed analysis
Migrate datas
Designing print statements and reporting
Design all screens
Build the logic of the target solution
Confirm the target solution


We also assist you in using of your solution everyday and put at your disposal a range of services adapted to your business' constraints:

Interface Phone Support

Our phone call-centre is at your disposal to answer your questions. Different contracts are available for you, ranging from the simple update of your software to a Personalized and complete assistance.
Each year, we conduct a satisfaction survey for our customers to detect key points of improvement

Dedicated gateway

To complete the phone help-desk,a user Gateway is at your disposal. It allows you to access many practical details 24/24 h and 7/7 days: FAQ Knowledge base, computers management , recording, leading and monitoring your call histories,updates download, patches ...

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