More Than 20 Years Alongside The States And Organizations To Reverse The African Technological Break.

On July 05th, 1994, Interface opened its first offices to Douala in Cameroon, located street Yvy to Bonandjo, the big business district. The history begins in the lecture halls-theaters of the most prestigious business school of Central Africa, the ESSEC of Douala, where Nyamsi Martin the current Administrator and CEO of the Group Interface studied Marketing and Management of Companies...

The choice of this sector is not harmless, do not even less risky. Passionate about computing, Essec of Douala offers unfortunately only two possibilities to the numerous students who crowd in his doors: the Finance or the Marketing. It turns out exactly that the training in computing is more stressed in the Marketing sector or we already glimpsed the essential support in the commercial action. It is thus quite naturally that Nyamsi Martin turns to this sector, which offers him the opportunity to enrich and to deepen its knowledge in computing. Just like he will integrate, in the same launched, the IT club of Essec where he will not delay getting noticed.

In 1989, while he is registered in 3rd year, the young student concretizes the realization of a project on which he already works for some time: the development of a software of pay intended in SME Cameroonians. It is during the stage of marketing that he discovers the gap at that time which separates the local companies of the big doubtless better off groups even if we are still a long way off. The numerous contacts and exchange which follow each other with the leaders of the SME and big international groups are going to forge and to sit definitively his dream "to develop a software complete solution for the demanding African companies". Meanwhile, it is necessary to gather funds and it is far from being a small matter. He decides then, at the end of its studies, to work for a big international group. A few years crossed at this giant of the electronic banking bring to him in terms of experience, but also and especially, he has some savings to start. He will begin with the Hardware. Regarding IT service, it is the most accessible layer for the young person without substantial resources who launches.

More than 20 years later, Interface, the structure creates by Nyamsi Martin in 1994, is one of leaders of the sub-region Central Africa in the field of the computing and digital technologies. Interface is especially an owner and a developer of my e-sesame ERP, an integrated management platform designed specifically for the demanding African companies … Interface it is 8 subsidiaries in Africa and in Europe (France, South Africa, Congo-Brazza, RDC, Gabon, Chad, RCA, Benin), 2 agencies (Yaoundé, Pointe-Noire), three competence centers (France, Cameroon, South Africa), more than 300 employees and approximately 500 customers in 20 countries.

Of Africa sub-Saharan and working beside the various States and the organizations to invert the technological fracture, ensure the know-how transmission and accelerate the appropriation by the African decision-makers of the modern management tools. More than 20 years later, was this dream realized, this vision was able to be organized? The answer to this double interrogation is certainly in the eloquence of the testimonies listed with our customers of Cameroon, Congo, RDC, Gabon, the Chad, RCA, Benin among which the recognition and the satisfaction to our quality of service honor us. The story is only beginning …

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